A Letter from the Founder

Our mission at Installmt: improve consumer lending with responsible, intelligent technology. What started as a simple piece of software to help automate payments has turned into a fully-fledged business that will change the lending landscape.

Installmt is a web-based loan payment collection tool that offers lenders a smart way to automate some of their most time-consuming, repetitive tasks. It combines novel technical ideas with some business common sense to form a truly remarkable product.

our past

When I was in the 6th grade, my father started a consumer lending business in South Carolina. From the beginning, I was eager to help and learn. In middle school I stuffed envelopes for direct mail campaigns. During high school summers I took applications and called past-due borrowers, eventually making underwriting decisions before heading off to college.

Fast-forward to 2020. My father and I were catching up when he voiced some concern about how much time his employees were spending doing repetitive tasks related to payments. The business’s unique method of scheduling irregular payments rendered any existing software ineffective for their specific use case. I used my covid-lockdown free time to work with him to develop software with very specific features customized exclusively for the business’s use cases.

That business now has new ownership, but I recognized this software could make a huge impact on the lending industry and consumers’ financial health. My team and I rebuilt the prototype from the ground up, adding completely new features, much-needed customizability, and additional layers of security. That work produced Installmt, the world’s most advanced loan repayment tool, and I’m excited to finally share it with you.

our present

After visiting a number of consumer lenders in Texas to learn about their business operations, I discovered that, on average, employees in these offices spend 5 hours per day collecting payments. This can jump as high as 90% of their day during certain times of the month. I figured recurring monthly autopay would make a huge difference in operations, but we quickly learned that it’s not that simple. We needed to be smarter.

Installmt, at its core, blends personalized lending, automation, and business intelligence to create a product that approaches lending differently. The platform schedules payments, securely stores up to 5 debit cards per borrower, automatically runs payments at their custom-scheduled time, and regularly reports on payment activity to your employees. Our preliminary results show that Installmt can:

  • Reduce staff collection time by half, conservatively
  • Improve delinquency rates dramatically, year-over-year
  • Save your business on payment processing costs 

our future

Through today, our product decisions and algorithms have been informed by expertise in the field. This will change as we grow: Machine Learning models will improve payment scheduling, other services will obtain rich insights at loan origination, multivariate schedule prioritization models will improve repayment success… The opportunities for improvement are tremendous.

This company will transform the lending industry. We want lenders to consider the borrower’s needs when they service loans, not just during origination. By shifting that mindset, we believe borrowers will be better equipped to make on-time payments, and lenders will be able to extend credit to even more consumers in need.

get involved

While Installmt is designed for traditional installment lenders, we believe this platform will positively impact a variety of similar industries, and we are excited to share developments with you as we begin expansion efforts. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date!

If you’re in the consumer lending industry, we encourage you to schedule a demo here. Looking to join our team? Check out our careers page and submit your resume.


Let’s make lending better. Thanks for reading.

– David Moore